D43H Flanged Butterfly Valve Product Overview

The butterfly valve is a circular disc plate that rotates with the valve stem as an opening and closing part to realize the opening or closing of the valve. The butterfly valve is mainly used as a cut-off valve, and can also be designed to have adjustment and cut-off functions.

The triple-eccentric multi-level butterfly valve has no mechanical wear and can achieve zero leakage. It is suitable for pipelines with different media such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, food, medicine, water supply and drainage, and gas transportation as a better device for regulating and cutting off fluids.

D43H Flanged Butterfly Valve Structural Features

1 The fluid resistance is small, and the effective area of ​​the medium and large diameter butterfly valve is large when it is fully opened.

2 It can be opened and closed quickly, which is relatively labor-saving. When starting, it is only necessary to turn it by 90°, which is convenient and fast.

3 Simple structure, small volume and light weight.

4 The triple eccentric butterfly valve refers to: the axis of the valve stem and the sealing surface of the disc plate are offset by a certain size, the sealing surface of the disc and the axis of the valve body channel are offset by a certain size, and the rotation axis of the valve seat and the axis of the valve body channel form an eccentric angle, so called triple eccentricity. When the butterfly valve is opened from 0° to 90°, the sealing surface of the butterfly valve will be immediately separated from the seat sealing surface at the moment of opening. When the butterfly valve is closed at 90° to 0°, the conical sealing surface of the butterfly plate will contact only at the moment of closing. And press the conical sealing surface of the valve seat, so there is no friction between the valve seat and the sealing surface on the disc plate, and the 5 torque seal is removed: the triple eccentric structure makes the butterfly valve close, it seals between the main and auxiliary two sealing surfaces The sealing specific pressure is generated by the driving torque applied to the valve stem, which not only eliminates the reduction and disappearance of the sealing specific pressure caused by the aging of the elastic material of the conventional elastic valve seat, cold flow, elastic failure and other factors, but also can be changed by the external driving torque. It can realize any adjustment of its sealing specific pressure, so that the sealing performance of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is improved, and the service life of the butterfly valve is also greatly improved.

6 Soft and hard laminated metal sealing structure; the butterfly valve sealing ring adopts the sealing surface of soft and hard laminated stainless steel sheet and flexible graphite plate, so that it has the dual advantages of metal hard sealing and elastic sealing, no matter in low temperature and high temperature conditions. Excellent sealing performance.

7. Valve body sealing surface: surfacing hard alloy or stainless steel is used to make the sealing surface high strength, good hardness and wear resistance.

D43H flange butterfly valve installation and maintenance instructions

1. When installing the valve, clean the valve cavity and sealing surface in advance, and do not allow dirt to adhere to affect the sealing performance. Regularly clean the sealing surface and screw and add lubricating oil during use.

2. Manual device, hand wheel and screw are not allowed to be used for lifting.

3. When cleaning the valve cavity, it is necessary to clean (clean) the impurities in the pipeline to be installed, so as to prevent the dirt and impurities from scratching the sealing surface and affecting the sealing performance.

4. The valve should be controlled by a control box or manual device during use, and no other auxiliary tools should be used.

5. When the valve is not in use for the time being, it should be stored in a dry room, the two ends are blocked, and the products are not allowed to be stacked arbitrarily, so as not to damage the relevant parts of the product.


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