Cryogenic ball valve

The cryogenic ball valve is suitable for the management system of cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment. The cryogenic ball valve is suitable for various pipelines, used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. The cryogenic valve is mainly used in gas liquefaction equipment, air separation equipment; natural gas liquefaction, storage and transportation equipment; liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen , carbon dioxide cryogenic storage tanks and tankers; pressure swing adsorption oxygen and nitrogen equipment.

Cryogenic ball valve

Low temperature ball valve structure design:

Low-temperature ball valves generally do not use long-neck structures for temperatures higher than -50 °C. For ball valves with temperature lower than -50℃, the neck length T is generally 250mm or determined according to the design and calculation of our company. The low temperature ball valve is mainly used to output liquid low temperature media such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, etc. It is not only flammable and explosive, but also gasifies when heating up. When gasified, the volume expands hundreds of times. The material of the low temperature valve is very important. If the material is not qualified, it will cause external leakage or internal leakage of the shell and sealing surface; the comprehensive mechanical properties, strength and rigidity of the parts cannot meet the requirements of use or even break. Caused by the leakage of liquefied natural gas medium. Therefore, in the process of developing, designing and developing cryogenic valves, the material is the primary and key issue. Valve body and bonnet adopt: LCB(-46℃), LC3(-101℃), CF8(304)(-196℃).

Extension rod cryogenic ball valve model:

Low temperature steel: DQ41F-16C, DQ41F-25C, DQ41F-40C, DQ41F-64C

Stainless steel: DQ41F-16P, DQ41F-25P, DQ41F-40P, DQ41F-64P

Welding: DQ61F-16P, DQ61F-25P, DQ61F-40P, DQ61F-64P

Parameter of extension rod cryogenic ball valve DQ41F:

Connection form: flange type

Valve material: LCB, LC3, CF8

Working temperature: -46℃, -196℃

Applicable medium: LNG, ethylene, propylene, etc.

Drive mode: manual, bevel gear drive, electric


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