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Comparison of Chinese and English abbreviations for foreign trade valves


Abbreviations used in valve specifications are explained as follows:

1valve type

BC: Ball check valve FB: Full bore HL: Lift type

ISRS: Internal thread riser

OSY: External thread with bracket

PRSB: Pressure Self-tightening Sealing Bonnet

PRSC: pressure self-tightening sealing bonnet

RB: Shrinkage

SWG: Swing Check Valve

OFFSET: eccentric

BI Two Eccentrics: BI-ECC

TRI triple eccentric: TRI-ECC

S-OUT 1: A drain port

S-OUT 2: Two discharge ports

2end connection

BITE: Snap-in connection BW: Butt welding connection FF: Full flat

WFR/RF: No blue clip-in type

LF: large concave surface LG: large groove surface LM: large convex surface

LT: Large tenon face SW: Socket weld RF: Raised face

RJ: Metal ring connection ENPT: 60° internal taper pipe thread


BB: Bolted Bonnet

BC: Bolted Bonnet

FLEXIBLE: Elastic Disc

INT: Integral Seat

LB: Extended Bonnet

LOOBE: Loose valve disc

NB: Without Bonnet


PB: Pressure Seal Bonnet

PC: Pressure Seal Bonnet

REN: Removable seat

SC: threaded bonnet

SB: threaded bonnet

SE: Side Mounted

SOLID: Steel Disc

STDB: Standard Disc


TILT DISC: Tilted Disc

UB: Union valve cover

WB: Welded Bonnet


13Cr: 1Cr13 or 2Cr13

CI: Grey Iron DI: Ductile Iron MI: Malleable Iron

STL: Stellite surfacing surface

C-TEF: Carbon Fiber Filled PTFE

G-TEF: Glass Fiber Filled PTFE

R-TFE: Reinforced PTFE

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene Graf: Flexible graphite NBR: Nitrile rubber

EPDM: Ethylene-Propylene Dimethylene

5. Others

AMB: normal temperature ATM: atmospheric pressure MFR STD: manufacturer standard TEMP: temperature


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