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Common words in the pump industry in Chinese and English


The valve industry and the pump industry are closely related. I have shared with you a lot of various Chinese and English comparison tables about valves. Today, I will share with you some common Chinese and English comparisons about the pump industry, which will definitely help you:

Leaveheart pump; centrifugal pump

screwPump; screw pump

multistage pump; multistage pump

stainless steel pump; stainless steel pump

plastic lined pump; plastic lined pump

gearPump; gearpump

low pressure pump; low pressure pump

electromagnetic pump; electromagnetic pump

Electromagnetic diaphragm pump; electromagnetic diaphragm pump

electromagnetic metering pump; electromagnetic meteringpump

electric pump; electrically drivenpump

high temperature pump

high pressure pump

diaphragm pump; diaphragm pump

Diaphragm metering pump; diaphragm meteringpump

Diaphragm plunger pump;

feed pump; charge pump

water supply pump; water supply pump

filter pump; filterpump

alloy pump; alloy pump

chemical pump; chemicalpump

metering pump; metering pump

Centrifugal-vortex pump; centrifugal-turbinepump

Ion pump; ionpump

magnetic pump, magnetic drive pump; megnectic pump

pipelinePump; pipeline mounted pump

pipelineshieldPump; pipeline canned motor pump

Roots pump; lobe pump

Alkali resistant pump; lye pump

corrosion-resistant pump; corrosion free pump

acid pump; acid pump

draining pump; draining pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump; membrane pump with pneumatic drive

submerged pump; submerged pump

clean water pump

sewage pump; effluent pump

no shaft seal pump;glandless pump

fire pump; fire (fighting) pump
The above are some Chinese and English comparisons that are commonly used in the pump industry to share with you. Collect them and forward them if they are useful~


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