Common failures of automatic valves

Common failures of automatic valves:

check valve
Common faults are: ① valve flap broken; ② medium backflow.
The reason for the shattering of the valve disc is: the pressure of the medium before and after the check valve is in a state of close to balance and mutual “saw”, the valve disc often beats with the valve seat, and some brittle materials (such as cast iron, brass, etc.) are made of The valve disc is broken. The preventive method is to use a check valve with a disc as a ductile material.
The reasons for the backflow of the medium are: ① the sealing surface is damaged; ② the impurities are trapped. Backflow can be prevented by repairing sealing surfaces and removing impurities.

spring-loaded safety valve
One of the faults is the leakage of the sealing surface. The reasons are: ① There are debris between the sealing surfaces; ② The sealing surface is damaged.
This kind of failure should be prevented by regular maintenance. The second fault is that the sensitivity is not high. The reasons are: ① spring fatigue; ② improper use of spring.

The springs are fatigued and should undoubtedly be replaced. Improper use of the spring is a spring-type safety valve in which the user does not pay attention to the nominal pressure. There are several pressure sections, and each pressure section has a corresponding spring. For example, a safety valve with a nominal pressure of 16 kg/cm2 uses a pressure section with a pressure of 2.5 to 4 kg/cm2, and a spring of 10 to 16 kg/cm2 is installed. Although it can also be opened, it will be high and low. , very insensitive.

The above are the common faults of automatic valves shared with you today. There are many common faults, and it is impossible to list them all. We must be familiar with the material, structure and working principle of the valve, so we must be handy when dealing with faults.


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