Civil valve types

With the increasing improvement of living standards, more and more needs to be throttled and limited in our daily production. Then the application of valves is more and more extensive, and the demand is also increasing. As a supporting product for pipelines, civil valves are widely used in civil buildings, public decoration and home decoration to control the flow of pipeline media: cold water, hot water and heating.
Civil valves can be divided into gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, right-angle valves (triangle valves), etc. according to their structure.
Gate valves are usually used for the connection between pipes and water meters, and ball valves are used for the connection between pipes. Since ball valves are more convenient to open and close than gate valves, most of the connections between pipes and water meters are ball valves, while right-angle valves are generally used for sanitary ware and heating pipes. Connection of hoses and pipes.
Civil valves are generally made of iron or copper. Due to the good mechanical properties of copper alloys, it is not easy to rust and has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, copper valves are increasingly replacing iron valves.


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