Check valve installation and performance

Relying on its own weight and medium pressure to generate action to block the backflow of the medium,The opening and closing parts are circular discsThe valve we call the check valve. Today I will share with you the installation and performance of the check valve:

Check valve installation and performance

Wafer check valve is a general purpose one-way fluid valve. It is light in weight, small in size and easy to install between flanges. The inside of the valve is composed of two semi-circular springs and a plate surface, which are fixed on the valve body with pins. The spring deformation makes the valve plate close, and the fluid pressure makes it open the spring. Deformation is fast, which protects the pipe from water hammer.

Check valve installation precautions

When placing the pipeline, care should be taken to make the passing direction of the wafer check valve consistent with the flow direction of the fluid

Installed in vertical piping.For horizontally positioned lines, vertical wafer check valves

Use a telescopic tube between the wafer check valve and the butterfly valve, never connect it directly to other valves

Avoid adding fittings and blockages within the operating radius of the valve plate

Do not install a reducer before or after the wafer check valve

When installing the wafer check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space

When a wafer check valve is installed at the pump outlet, a space of at least six times the diameter of the valve should flow out to ensure that the disc is eventually affected by the fluid.


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