Butterfly valve models

Butterfly valve model encyclopedia:

Triple eccentric pair clamp hard seal butterfly valve Model: D73H, D373H, D673H, D973H

Centerline flange butterfly valve model: D41X, D341X, D641X, D941X

midlineButterflyvalveModels: D71X, D371X, D671X, D971X

Spring type quick closing butterfly valve model: KD7T42/3P

Double eccentric butterfly valve model: D72F, D372F, D672F, D972F

Triple eccentric welding hard seal butterfly valve Model: D63H, D363H, D663H, D963H

Turbine Flange Soft Seal Butterfly Valve Model: D343F

Double eccentric PTFE sealed butterfly valve Model: D343H, D343Y

Adjustable PTFE sealed butterfly valve model: D41F, D71F

Triple eccentric flange hard seal butterfly valve Model: D43H, D343H, D643H, D943H

Double eccentric flange butterfly valve model: D42F, D342F, D642F, D942F

Fluorine-lined butterfly valve model: D341F4

Signal butterfly valve model: XD371X

Telescopic butterfly valve model: SD343H, SD341X

Hydraulic butterfly valve model: KD7B43X, KD7B45H

Insulation jacket butterfly valve model: BD343H, BD343Y

Hydraulic control slow-closing check butterfly valve Model: HD7X41X

Ventilation butterfly valve model: D341H, D341W

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