Breathing valve function and breathing valve installation

Breathing valve is bothCan communicate with atmosphere (breathe) above or below this pressure range,againEnsure that the storage tank space is isolated from the atmosphere within a certain pressure rangeof a valve. Click to learn more about “Detailed Explanation of Breathing Valve and Working Principle of Breathing Valve”.

Breathing valve function and breathing valve installation

Breathing valve function:
The breathing valve is used to maintain the air pressure balance of the storage tank.
Breathing valve is a safe and energy-saving product that reduces medium volatilization
The breathing valve makes full use of the pressure bearing capacity of the storage tank itself to reduce medium discharge and protect the safety device of the storage tank.

Breathing valve installation:

Remember the following seven steps when installing the breathing valve:
1. Remove the outer packaging and read the product instructions.

2. Proper lifting tools should be selected for hoisting the breathing valve to avoid damage to the protective cap of the breathing valve disc.
3. Check the coaxiality and verticality of the pipe flange on the tank or water tank, which is very important for the normal use of the pressure vacuum relief valve (breathing valve).
4. Check the waterline surface of the pipe flange on the tank or tank. It must be clean, free from scratches, corrosion, tool marks, and flat.
5. Remove the flange port protection cover and other packing materials.
6. Check the gasket; make sure the material is suitable for the application.

7. Use the bolt circle to center the washer.


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