Breathing valve characteristics and performance description

Breathing valve characteristics and performance description
It can ensure that the storage tank space is isolated from the atmosphere within a certain pressure range, and at the same time can communicate with the atmosphere when it exceeds or falls below this pressure range. The valve similar to the principle of breathing is the breathing valve.
When the relative humidity of the air is greater than 70% and the lower temperature is -30 °C, the opening pressure of the valve disc meets the working pressure requirements after 24 hours of freezing., The valve body of the breathing valve can withstand the water pressure of 0.2Mpa without penetration and deformation. The following is a description of the characteristics and performance of the breathing valve:

Breathing valve characteristics and performance description

Breathing valve features and performance:
The material of the new pipeline flame arrester is cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and has good corrosion resistance. The valve disc and valve seal ring are made of stainless steel tetrafluoroethylene. Low temperature resistance, good antifreeze performance. The valve is a ventilation device installed on the fixed top tank to reduce the evaporation loss of oil and control the pressure of the storage tank. The valve has large ventilation, small leakage, good corrosion resistance and antifreeze performance. It can automatically adjust the pressure inside and outside the oil storage tank.
The gas flame arrester has a simple structure, light weight, easy maintenance and installation. The hydrostatic test is qualified. Low temperature resistance and antifreeze performance are qualified: operate at -42 °C for 2 hours, and there is no deformation of the pressure valve disc, vacuum valve disc and sealing ring. Fully compliant with standard requirements. Continuous operation for 72 hours at room temperature of 36°C, 10,000 actions, no signs of wear and bumps on the contact surfaces of the pressure valve disc, vacuum valve disc and guide rod, and the guide rod rises and falls sensitively without jamming.

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