The role of the throttle valve

Throttle valves are mainly used to control the flow of liquids. When the pressure difference of the throttle valve is constant, the size of its

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Gate valve model list

Knife gate valve model: PZ73H, PZ73X, PZ73Y, PZ73F Bellows Gate Valve Model: WZ40H Electric knife gate valve model: PZ973H, PZ973Y, PZ973F Thermal insulation gate valve

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Check valve selection criteria

There are many types of selection criteria, the following small valves summarize 17 itemsCheck valve selection criteria: 1. In order to prevent the reverse flow

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Globe valve model list

The alias of the stop valve is the cut-off valve. The stop valve is a kind of forced sealing valve. The feature of the forced

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Butterfly valve models

Butterfly valve model encyclopedia: Triple eccentric pair clamp hard seal butterfly valve Model: D73H, D373H, D673H, D973H Centerline flange butterfly valve model: D41X, D341X, D641X,

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