Basic performance analysis of pressure reducing valve

Basic performance analysis of pressure reducing valve

As the name suggests, the pressure reducing valve is a method used to adjust the pressure in the system. Through the adjustment of the pressure reducing valve, the pressure at the inlet of the system is reduced to the set outlet pressure, and the pressure at the outlet of the system is automatically maintained by relying on the energy of the medium itself. valve at a stable value.

(1) Pressure regulation range: It refers to the adjustable range of the output pressure P2 of the pressure reducing valve, and the specified accuracy is required to be achieved within this range. The pressure regulating range is mainly related to the stiffness of the pressure regulating spring.
(2) Pressure characteristics: It refers to the characteristics of output pressure fluctuations caused by input pressure fluctuations when the flow rate g is a constant value. The smaller the output pressure fluctuation, the better the characteristics of the pressure reducing valve. The output pressure must be lower than the input pressure—a fixed value basically does not change with the input pressure.
(3) Flow characteristics: It refers to the persistence of the input pressure-timing, and the output pressure changes with the change of the output flow g. When the flow rate g changes, the smaller the output pressure change, the better. Generally, the lower the output pressure, the smaller its fluctuation with the output flow.
The above three characteristics: pressure regulating range, pressure characteristics and flow characteristics are the basic performances of pressure reducing valves.


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