Basic knowledge of valves and radiators

The radiator is an important and basic part of the hot water or steam heating system. The hot water cools down in the radiator and supplies heat to the room to achieve the purpose of heating. The metal consumption and cost of the radiator occupy a considerable proportion in the heating system. Therefore, the correct selection of the radiator involves the economic index and operation effect of the system.
Basic knowledge of valves and radiators
A set of inlet and outlet water valves are installed on each radiator, and the heating temperature of each room is adjusted by adjusting the amount of water inlet. , so as to achieve comfortable and energy-saving heating effect. There are two kinds of radiator water inlet valves: ordinary type and automatic temperature control type. The ordinary type water inlet valve is infinitely adjustable; the automatic temperature control type water inlet valve can automatically adjust the water intake of the radiator according to the set temperature of the room, and it is scaled. Pole adjustment, easy operation and control.

The heating radiator is the terminal heat dissipation equipment of the home heating system. The principle of the heating radiator is the natural convection of the air. The radiator provides comfortable heating, no noise, no drying, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and constant temperature. The radiator of each room can be adjusted individually through the temperature control valve. temperature. Modern radiators have a beautiful appearance and have a good decorative effect. There are steel, aluminum alloy, copper-aluminum composite, stainless steel, cast iron radiators and other types. Generally installed on the wall in the room.


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