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Ball valve standard


Ball valve standard

design standards GB/T 12237《General valve Flanged and butt welded steel ball valves》
GB/T 15185 “Iron and Copper Ball Valves”
JB/T 7745 “Pipeline Ball Valve”
API 6D “Pipeline Valves”
API 608 “Flanged, Threaded and Welded Metal Ball Valves”
ASME B 16.34 “Flanged, threaded and welded valves”
ANSI/AWWA C 507 “6 inches to 48 inches ball valve”
BFCI 70-2《control valveValve Seat Leakage》
BSS SP-72 “General Purpose Ball Valves with Flange and Butt Welding Connections”
BS 5351 “Steel ball valves for petroleum, chemical and related industries”
BS 6364 “Cryogenic Valves”
NACE MR0175 “Metallic materials resistant to sulfidation stress cracking for oilfield equipment”
ISO 5211 “Connection of part-turn valve actuators”
Structure lengthstandard ASME B 16.10 “Structure Length of Valves”
ISO 5752 “Flanged Metal Valves Structural Length”
BS 558 “Industrial valves – Structural lengths of metal valves for flanged piping systems”
BS 12982 “Industrial valves – Structural length of butt welding end valves”
GB/T 12221 “Flanged Metal Valves Structural Length”
GB/T 15188.1 “The Structural Length of Valves Butt Welding Connection Valves”
Connections and Dimensionsstandard ASME B 16.5 “Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings”
ASME B 16.47 “Large diameter steel flange NPS26 to NPS60”
API 605 “Large Diameter Carbon Steel Flange”
HG 20592~20635 “Steel Pipe Flange”
SH 3406 “Petrochemical Steel Pipe Flanges”
JB/T 74~90 “Pipeline Flange”
JIS B2238 “General Rules for Steel Pipe Flanges”
ASME B 16.25 “Butt Weld Ends”
ASME B 16.11 “Forged Fittings for Socket Welding and Threaded Connections”
BS 12627 “industrial valve Butt Welding Ends of Steel Valves》
BS 12760 “valve Socket welding ends of steel valves》
Test and inspectionstandard API 598 “Inspection and Test of Valves”
API 6D “Pipeline Valves”
API 607 ​​”Fire Resistance Test for 1/4 Turn Soft Seat Valves”
API 6FA “Code for Fire Test of Valves”
GB/T 13927 “General valve pressure test”
JB/T 9092 “Valve Inspection and Test”
JB/T 6899 “Fire Resistance Test of Valves”


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