Balance valve technical parameters and specifications: TO-01

Balance valve technical parameters and specifications: TO-01
Due to the special use scene and function, the balance valve is special. It has good flow characteristics, with valve opening indication, opening locking device and small pressure measuring valve for flow measurement. Using a special intelligent instrument, input the valve model and opening value, and the flow value flowing through the balance valve can be directly displayed according to the measured differential pressure signal. And use a special intelligent instrument for one-time debugging, the flow of each user can reach the set value. It is used to adjust the relative balance of the pressure on both sides, or to achieve the balance of flow through the method of shunt, the valve is called a balance valve.

Balance valve technical parameters and specifications: TO-01

Balance valve technical parameters: TO-01
Through butterfly spot pressure difference 0.04----0.07kgf/c㎡
leak 0
Terminal connections ANSI B16.1 CL125, BS4504 PN10

Suitable for fluid water, oil
Suitable for internal pressure Max, 10kg/c㎡
Suitable temperature Max, 82℃ Special request: Max 120℃
Balancing valve specification: TO-01
Part Name Material Part Name Material
Body Carbon Steel Open Indicator Plate Iron
Bonnet Bonnet Carbon Steel Stem Stainless Steel 304
O-Ring Cover Rubber Nut Bolt Stainless Steel 304
Spring Stainless Steel Pin Stainless Steel
Butterfly rubber plug Nitrile rubber Filler Cast copper
Recoil Disc Cast Iron Filter Stainless Steel 304
Filler Bronze Water Filter Brass
The above is the series description of the technical parameters and specifications of the balancing valve: TO-01 shared with you today.


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