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Automatic temperature control valve


Automatic temperature control valve, also known as: thermostatic control valve, is a special valve for radiators. It consists of a thermostatic controller and a valve body. The user turns the thermostat controller to the desired set temperature. When the indoor temperature exceeds the set temperature, the temperature control package in the thermostat controller expands due to heat, and the volume increases. Push the valve stem to close the valve and reduce the water intake of the radiator. The flow rate makes the room temperature reach the set temperature. When the indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature control package shrinks due to cold, and the volume decreases, and the return spring in the valve core pushes back the valve stem to make the valve open, increasing the water flow into the radiator until the room temperature reaches the set value .

Automatic temperature control valveStructure and working principle

The temperature control in the user’s room is realized through the radiator thermostatic control valve. The radiator thermostatic control valve is composed of a thermostatic controller, a flow regulating valve and a pair of connectors. The core component of the thermostatic controller is the sensor unit, namely the temperature package. The temperature bulb can sense the change of the surrounding environment temperature to produce a volume change, which drives the displacement of the regulating valve spool, and then adjusts the water volume of the radiator to change the heat dissipation of the radiator.


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