Automatic exhaust valve installation and related parameters

Automatic exhaust valve installation and related parameters
Performance parameters of automatic exhaust valve:
Maximum working pressure: 10bar
Working temperature: 0-110℃
Minimum sealing pressure: 0.2bar
Exhaust pressure range: 0.5-7bar
Working medium: water or antifreeze

Installation and use of automatic exhaust valve:
1. The automatic exhaust valve must be installed vertically, that is, it must ensure that the buoy inside it is in a vertical state, while affecting the exhaust;
2. When installing the automatic exhaust valve, it is better to install it together with the isolation valve, so that when the exhaust valve needs to be removed for maintenance, it can ensure the airtightness of the system and prevent water from flowing out;
3. The automatic exhaust valve is generally installed at the higher point of the system, which is beneficial to improve the exhaust efficiency;
4. In order to prolong the service life of the automatic exhaust valve, if the conditions are met, it is recommended to carry out an overhaul once a year, especially in places with poor water quality and easy scaling.
Advantages of exhaust valve:
1. The buoy of the heating automatic exhaust valve is made of low-density PP material, with a temperature resistance of 110 ° C. This material will not deform even if it is immersed in high-temperature water for a long time, and will not cause difficulty in the movement of the buoy.
2. The valve stem of the heating automatic exhaust valve is made of hard plastic, and the connection between the lever, the buoy and the support adopts a movable connection, so it will not be corroded during long-term operation, which will cause the system to fail to work and cause water leakage.
3. The sealing end face of the heating automatic exhaust valve lever is supported by springs, which can expand and contract with the movement of the lever to ensure the tightness without exhausting.
Automatic exhaust valves are widely used in water distributors, radiators, floor heating, air conditioners and water supply systems to release air pockets generated in heating systems and water supply pipes, avoid corrosion caused by oxidation caused by these excess gases, and dissipate heat The formation of air pockets in the device, the unbalanced and unbalanced circulation of hot water, and the local unheating of the radiator, the noise when the pipeline is running with air, and the vortex phenomenon of the circulating pump.
The above has shared the performance parameters of the automatic exhaust valve and the advantages of installation and use as well as the exhaust valve. It will definitely help everyone who is using the exhaust valve.


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