Application of balance valve

Application of balance valve

The balance valve is used to adjust the relative balance of the pressure on both sides, or to achieve the balance of flow through the method of split flow. So what are the specific scenarios for the application of the balance valve? Here’s an analysis for you:
1. The water flow balance of the district heating pipe network

The residential hot water supply network often consists of one boiler room (or thermal station) supplying heat to several buildings. It consists of a main pipe, several main pipes and branch pipes connected to the building entrance on each main pipe. Since each building is different in distance from the heat source, if there is no effective equipment to eliminate the residual pressure head in the near loop, the flow distribution will not meet the design requirements, the near end will be overheated, and the far end will be too cold. A balance valve should be installed at the entrance of each main pipe and each building to ensure the balance of flow between each main pipe and each building in the community.

2. The water flow balance of the water supply network in the building

For the heating (cooling) pipe network system with higher requirements, it is necessary to ensure that all risers (even branch pipes) reach the design flow rate. At this time, balance valves must be installed on the main pipe, main pipe and riser pipe (and branch pipes).

3. Water flow balance of chiller or boiler

In the boiler room (or chiller room), several units are generally installed in parallel. Due to the different resistances between the units, the flow through each unit is inconsistent, so that the unit cannot exert the larger output of the installed unit. At this time, a balance valve should be installed at each boiler (or chiller) so that each unit can obtain the designed flow and ensure the safe and normal operation of each unit. When the chiller is connected to multiple cooling towers, each cooling tower should also be equipped with a balance valve.

4. The water flow balance of the primary and secondary loops of the thermal station

In a thermal power station or centralized boiler room supplying hot water to several thermal power stations, a balance valve should be installed on the return pipe on the primary loop side of each thermal power station in order to obtain the required water flow for each thermal power station. In order to ensure that the water flow of each secondary loop is the design flow, a balance valve should also be installed on the side of each secondary loop of the thermal station.
The above are some scenarios of the application of the balance valve shared with you today. Is it helping you solve your urgent needs? Hurry up and take a look~


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