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Application and characteristics of water seal gate valve


Application and characteristics of water seal gate valve
Water-sealed gate valves are mainly suitable for water and steam. It is suitable for cutting off or connecting the medium in the return water condensing system of the thermal power station with the working pressure of 1.6~10.0MPa and the working temperature of 0~425℃, and the pipelines that are required to be isolated from the atmosphere in petroleum and chemical industries.
Application and characteristics of water seal gate valve
  Applications and Features

1. The S/Z series are flexible, fast and reliable in opening and closing, and usually use double gates for two-way elastic sealing;
2. The product structure is simple, compact and reasonable, easy to maintain and has a long service life;
3. When used as an opening and closing device on the pipeline, it must be in a fully open or fully closed state, and must not be used to adjust the flow;
4. There are two types of valve connection methods: flange and welding. The driving methods are manual and electric, and the structure is more complicated.

Valves can be divided into wedge gate gate valve and parallel gate gate valve according to the sealing surface configuration, wedge gate gate valve single gate type, double gate type and elastic gate type.

Parallel gate type gate valve can be divided into single gate type and double gate type.

According to the thread position of the valve stem, it can be divided into two types: open stem gate valve and dark stem gate valve.
  Design and manufacture standard of water seal gate valve

Design and manufacture: GB12234
Flange size: GB9113 JB7490

Pressure temperature: JB/T74 GB9131

Structure length: GB/T12221

Inspection and test: JB/T9092 GB13927

  Main part material

Product Type Part Name
Valve body, bonnet, bracket, stem gate, disc, sealing surface, seat, sealing surface, stem nut, packing
Alloy Steel (I) WCB Cr5Mol 20Cr1Mo1VA Cobalt-Based Alloy Cemented Carbide Aluminum Bronze Flexible Graphite
Carbon Steel Type (C)WCB 1Cr13 or 2Cr13 Cr13 Type Stainless Steel or Carbide Stainless Steel Aluminum Bronze Flexible Graphite

  Main performance specifications
Nominal pressure (MPa)
Shell strength test 1.0 1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4 10.0

Seal test 1.5 2.4 3.8 6.0 9.6 15.0
Upper sealing test 1.1 1.8 2.8 4.4 7.0 11.0
Air tightness test 1.1 1.8 2.8 4.4 7.0 11.0

  Scope of application

Product Type Applicable Temperature (℃) Applicable Medium
Carbon steel type ≤425 water, steam, oil, non-corrosive gas
Alloy type≤540
The above has shared the application and characteristics of the water seal gate valve, as well as the detailed description of the water seal gate valve and various related technical parameters, collect it and forward it~


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