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Application and characteristics of flat gate valve


Application and characteristics of flat gate valve
1. Application and performance of flat gate valve

The closing part of the flat gate valve is a parallel gate, which belongs to a sliding valve. At the same time, the flat gate valve is a kind of gate valve, similar to the wedge gate valve; the main function is to control the connection and cutoff of the pipeline, and adjust the medium flow in the pipeline. Not its job. The advantages of the flat gate valve are that the fluid resistance is small, the opening and closing is labor-saving, the structure length is short, and the flow direction of the pipeline medium is not restricted. The disadvantage is that the sealing pair has two sealing surfaces, the processing is more complicated, the cost is high, it is taller than other valves, the opening and closing time is longer, and the sealing surfaces are relatively frictional during opening and closing, which is easy to cause scratches.
Application and characteristics of flat gate valve

2. Structural characteristics of flat gate valve:

1. For metal-to-metal sealing valves, there is a grease injection structure outside the valve body. The grease enters the valve sealing surface through the grease injector and the valve seat, so that the valve can achieve zero leakage.

2. The gate of the valve with diversion hole, whether it is fully open or fully closed, is always in line with the sealing surface, and the sealing surface is protected from direct erosion by the medium, thereby prolonging the service life.

3. When the valve is fully opened, the channel is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, and there is no pressure loss, and the pipeline can be cleaned through the hair ball.

4. The valve seat adopts a shape sealing ring seal and a floating valve seat structure with pre-tightening force, so that the inlet and outlet of the valve are sealed in both directions; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only that of an ordinary valve, which can easily open and close the valve.

5. The valve seat is inlaid or surfacing stainless steel (or cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy) on the sealing surface, which has double sealing of metal and metal-to-metal, and the sealing surface can remove the dirt of the gate at the same time.

6. When the valve is closed, the high pressure in the inner cavity can be automatically removed (see the working principle diagram for details) to ensure safe use.

7. The fully enclosed structure has good protection performance and can adapt to all-weather requirements.

8. The valve is equipped with an indicator rod or an observation window to indicate the opening and closing of the valve.
9. The packing structure with self-sealing capability is adopted, which does not need to be adjusted frequently. It is very easy to open and close, and the sealing performance is reliable. There is an auxiliary sealing grease injection structure at the stuffing box. The sealing performance is absolutely reliable, and it truly achieves zero leakage. The disadvantage that the valve packing is more prone to leakage.

The application and characteristics of the flat gate valve are described in detail above. I hope that it will be helpful to you in the application after reading it.


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