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Applicability and characteristic description of solenoid valve


Applicability and characteristic description of solenoid valve
First, the characteristics of the solenoid valve

Solenoid valve is an automatic basic component used to control fluid, which belongs to actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system.

1 Different types of solenoid valves are selected for gas, liquid or mixed state, for example, ZQDF is used for air, ZQDF-Y is used for liquid, ZQDF-2 (or -3) is used for steam, otherwise it is easy to cause malfunction. ZDF series multi-function solenoid valve can pass through gas and liquid. It is best to inform the media status when ordering, so that the installation user does not need to adjust again.

2 Products with different specifications for medium temperature, otherwise the coil will burn out and the seal will age, which will seriously affect the service life.

3 Medium viscosity, usually below 50cSt. If it exceeds this value, ZDF series multi-functional solenoid valves are used for special orders if the diameter is greater than 15mm. Order a high viscosity solenoid valve with a diameter less than 15mm.

4. When the cleanliness of the medium is not high, a recoil filter valve should be installed in front of the solenoid valve. When the pressure is low, a direct-acting diaphragm solenoid valve can be used as CD-P.

5. If the medium is directional and does not allow backflow ZDF-N and ZQDF-N only need to use two-way circulation, please make a special request.

6 The medium temperature should be selected within the allowable range of the solenoid valve.

2. Pipeline parameters

1 Select the valve port and model according to the requirements of the medium flow direction and the pipeline connection method. For example, for switching from one pipe to two pipes, choose CA5 and Z3F for small diameters, and ZDF-Z1/2 for medium or large diameters. Another example is to control the confluence of two pipelines, please choose ZDF-Z2/1 and so on.

2 Select the nominal diameter according to the flow rate and the Kv value of the valve, and also choose the inner diameter of the pipe. Please note that some manufacturers do not mark the Kv value, and the size of the valve hole is often smaller than the diameter of the interface, so you must not covet the low price and cause trouble.

3 working pressure difference

If the lower working pressure difference is above 0.04Mpa, the indirect pilot type can be selected; if the lower working pressure difference is close to or less than zero, the direct-acting type or step-by-step direct type must be selected.

3. Environmental conditions

1 The higher and lower temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range, if there is a difference, a special order must be made.

2 In the environment where the relative humidity is high and there are water droplets and rain, a waterproof solenoid valve should be selected.

3 Special varieties should be selected for occasions where there are often vibrations, bumps and shocks in the environment, such as marine solenoid valves.

4 For use in corrosive or explosive environments, corrosion resistance should be selected first according to safety requirements.

5 If the environmental space is limited, please choose a multi-function solenoid valve, because it saves the bypass and three manual valves and is convenient for online maintenance.

4. Power conditions

1 According to the type of power supply, select AC and DC solenoid valves respectively. Generally speaking, the AC power supply is easy to access.

2. The voltage specification is preferably AC220V.DC24V.

3 The power supply voltage fluctuation is usually +%10%.-15% for AC, and ±10% for DC. If it is out of tolerance, voltage stabilization measures must be taken or special order requirements must be put forward.

4 The rated current and power consumption should be selected according to the power supply capacity. It should be noted that the VA value is relatively high during AC starting, and the indirect pilot solenoid valve should be preferred when the capacity is insufficient.

5. Control precision

1 Ordinary solenoid valves only have two positions of open and close. When the control accuracy is high and the parameters are stable, please choose a multi-position solenoid valve; Z3CF three-position normally open solenoid valve has three flow rates: slightly open, fully open and closed;

ZDF—Z1/1 combination multi-function solenoid valve has four kinds of flow rates: full open, large open, small open and full open.

2 Action time: refers to the time from when the electrical signal is turned on or off to when the main valve action is completed. Only the multi-function solenoid valve, a patented product of our company, can adjust the opening and closing time separately, which not only meets the control accuracy requirements, but also prevents water hammer damage.
The above five points, including the description of the characteristics and applicability of the solenoid valve, have analyzed the solenoid valve for you from different aspects. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more valve knowledge and industry news, please continue to pay attention to


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