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our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards of quality and security, resulting in better products for our customers. Our experts in Extreme Engineering use finite element analysis to evaluate stress, fatigue, and fluid flow, ensuring that the material we select will stand up to your most demanding environments. During the material testing, our engineers will do the hardness testing, PMI testing, use the vernier caliper, wall thickness gauge and magnetic defect detector to test the material as well.There are primarily 2 types of impact test – The body and the seat detection and low emission test. These tests perform in accordance with API598, API6D, and similar test standards. What we used is the Hydraulic test bench and Low leakage tester to inspect.LUCKY6S valves manufacture high-quality API 6D valves that are available in different materials and structures. 

The API 6D is the primary standard based on the ISO 14313 that specifies the requirements of valves and offers suggestions for the design, manufacture, inspecting, and notation of check, ball, plug, and gate valves in pipework systems.You can rely on LUCKY6S to provide you with reliable API 6D valves for any application you need. API 6D specificationThe American Petroleum Institute (API) is a trade association that has been at the forefront of the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment and operating standards. Its API Monogram Program ensures that manufacturers are adhering to industry standards.

The API edition specification defines the API Quality Management System requirements that organizations must meet in order to consistently and reliably manufacture products in accordance with API or other specifications for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries.The API 6D edition specification defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of valves for use in the petroleum and natural gas pipeline and piping systems.API 6D testing necessitates longer pressure testing durations, test medium rust inhibitor injection, medium pH monitoring, more stringent design and manufacturing process control, and packaging requirements to prevent valve damage during transportation. An API 6D monogram valve manufacturer must meet strict testing and documentation requirements when requested by the purchaser to ensure the valve’s performance under-designed operational pressure and temperature conditions.Purchasing API 6D valves ensure greater reliability and safety for both equipment and personnel.

API 6D standard is commonly used in the following industries:Check valves must be tested for proper safety and functionality when transporting raw materials and potentially hazardous chemicals. As a result, API 6D certification is frequently required for valves used in the petroleum, natural gas, and power generation industries. API 6D is required in the following industries:Natural Gas Transmission: Check valves are commonly installed in natural gas transmission pipelines to prevent reverse flow. They serve as critical components in these systems because improper flow can lead to dangerous leaks, contamination, explosions, or fires.Petroleum Production and Refining: Converting crude oil into refined products for consumer industries necessitates a multi-step chemical process that must adhere to stringent standards. Check valves are found in a variety of petroleum-related applications, such as discharge compressors, cooling towers, water treatment, pumps, generators, and boilers.API 6D: Pipeline Valves Specification. API 6D specifies and recommends requirements for the design, manufacture, testing, and documentation of ball, check gate, and plug valves for use in pipeline systems.API 6D is only available in the pressure ratings of Class 150, Class 300, Class 400, Class 600, Class 900, Class 1500, and Class 2500.

API 6D plug valves

API 6D plug valves have a cylindrical or conic disc with one or more horizontal hollow passageways that can be rotated to open, close, or control fluid flow through the valve. The two-port lubricated type with an open and closed position is the most common.
This API 6D plug valve has a cylindrical or conic disc that controls fluid flow by opening and closing the passageway between the opposing ports. The valve control lever is located at the top of the body.
These valves can be used for a variety of liquids and gases, including:
Oil and water are examples of neutral liquids.
Liquids that are acidic or alkaline (corrosive)
Neutral gases, such as steam and air, are used in slurry.
Corrosive gases, such as chlorine and acid vapors, can cause corrosion.
API 6D (downstream) and API 6A (upstream) are the two key reference specifications for this type of valve in petrochemical applications (upstream).
Plug valves can be operated manually with a wrench or a gear, or they can be actuated by Electric, Electro-Hydraulic, Pneumatic-Hydraulic, and Gas Over Oil Actuators.

API 6D Gate Valve

When there is a high differential pressure, API 6D Gate Valve are designed to use line pressure force for tight mechanical sealing on the upstream side. Internal springs help push seat rings against the gates, resulting in low-pressure sealing.
These bi-directional, double block-and-bleed slab gate valves are peggable, top entry, and through conduit. All valves are available in a variety of materials and configurations to meet your project requirements and are suitable for transportation pipelines for gas, crude oil, and oil products.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) packing in the shape of a chevron for long-lasting, trouble-free stem sealing
Seats that ensure low- and high-pressure sealing as well as self-relief of the body cavity
Secondary sealing stem injection fitting
Smooth, electroless nickel-plated slab with low operating torque and bubble-tight sealing
Internal check valve in the seat injection fitting for emergency sealing
Drain valve for the block-and-bleed function, as well as seat integrity testing
Serialization of valves for complete traceability
Stem design with internal stops to prevent slab over-track (no adjustments required)
Secondary metal-to-metal sealing to meet fire-safety standards

Bidirectional flow, full bore, through conduit
Product dimensions range from two to twenty-four inches.
Full port
Pressure class: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 150, 300, 600
Flange standards: American Society of Mechanical Engineers/ANSI B16.5, B16.47
Face-to-face dimensions meet American Petroleum Institute (API) 6D standards
Basic designs, inspections, and testing also meet API 6D standards
Fire testing to API 6FA standards
National Association of Corrosion Engineers-compliant nuts and studs (MR0175 2015)

API 6D Check valves

API 6D is an abbreviation for API 6D Check valves are primarily used to prevent backflow in oil and gas pipelines. Swing Check valves are primarily used to prevent backflow in oil and gas pipelines.
A check valve is also simple to troubleshoot and maintain, with top-entry access to all valve internals.
Check valves have a bolted cover and a free-swinging clapper in their standard configuration. The closing member that responds to the flow conditions is the clapper.
Check valves are commonly used in water and wastewater systems due to their simple construction, low-pressure drop across the valve, and field serviceability. Swing check valves with metal-to-metal seats are available.

Check Valves are the most commonly specified check valve for municipal/industrial water and wastewater applications due to their rugged construction and full flow area. Its smooth, unrestricted flow design can save money on pumping costs when compared to other check valves with fewer ports.
The check valve’s design feature prevents backflow in a fraction of a second. The only moving part is the clapper, which swings to allow flow. When the flow stops, the clapper returns to its closed position, forming an instant barrier to reverse flow.
Any pipeline requirement can be met with the valve ends. The valves have raised-face, ring-type joint flanges or weld ends. Raised-face and ring-type joint flanges meet the requirements of ASME B16.5 and B16.47, respectively.

Flanges are back faced to provide a smooth bolting surface for even bolt loading during pipeline installation. Unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer, weld-end valves comply with ASME B16.25. On request, hub ends and other specialty end connections are available.
• Prevent backflow in pipelines
• Prevent leakage to the environment in the event of a pipeline rupture
• Protect the integrity of upstream equipment
Design Standards
• API 6D, 24th Edition
• ANSI B16.34
• ISO 14723
• NACE MR0175
• ISO 15156

api 6d ball valve

A Ball Valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated, and pivoting ball to control flow through it. It is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and closed when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. The handle lies flat in alignment with the flow when open, and is perpendicular to it when closed, making for easy visual confirmation of the valve’s status
Ball Valves are durable, performing well after many cycles, and reliable, closing securely even after long periods of disuse. These qualities make them an excellent choice for shutoff and control applications. The ball valve including Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Floating Ball Valve, and Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves.


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