Antifreeze protection measures for traps

Antifreeze protection measures for traps

It has been winter for a long time, do you know that some valves need special maintenance in winter? Today, I will share with you an anti-freeze protection measure for traps with traps. When we size and install the proper trap, as long as there is steam passing through, there will be no freezing issues. However, if the flow of steam is interrupted, the steam condensate will form a vacuum in the heat exchanger or follower pipe. This will prevent condensation from draining freely from the system before freezing occurs. Therefore, install a vacuum breaker between the equipment being discharged and the trap. If gravity drain is not used from the trap to the return line, the trap and drain line should be drained manually or automatically using a drain with antifreeze measures. Also, when multiple traps are installed together in a trap station, insulating the traps can prevent freezing.
Antifreeze protection measures for traps:
1. Do not oversize the trap.
2. Keep trap discharge lines as short as possible.
3. The trap discharge line and the condensate return line are insulated.

4. Tilt the trap discharge line downward for faster gravity discharge.
5. When the condensate return line is exposed to atmospheric conditions, heat tracing should be considered.
6. If the return pipe is raised, the vertical discharge pipe should be adjacent to the discharge pipe above the return header, and the discharge pipe and the trap discharge pipe should be insulated together.
The above six points are shared with you todayAntifreeze protection measures for trapsit’s winter, hurry up and check the operation of the trap~


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