Analysis of Characteristics of Threaded Gate Valve

Analysis of Characteristics of Threaded Gate Valve
Threaded gate valve has the following advantages:

1. Simple structure, easy to manufacture and maintain.

2. The working stroke is small and the opening and closing time is short.

3. Good sealing performance, small friction between sealing surfaces and long service life.

The disadvantages of threaded gate valves are as follows:

1. The fluid resistance is large, and the force required for opening and closing is large.

2. It is not suitable for medium with particles, high viscosity and easy coking.

3. Poor adjustment performance.

The types of threaded gate valves are divided into external thread type and internal thread type according to the position of the valve stem thread. According to the flow direction of the medium, there are straight-through type, direct-current type and angle type. The globe valve is divided into sealing form, including packing bellows gate valve and bellows sealing globe valve.


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