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Advantages of water valve


Advantages of water valve
Where the water valve is relatively more advantageous, the following will give you an example of analysis:
(1) The water does not pollute the surrounding environment. Compared with mineral oil, its price is low, it is non-polluting and non-toxic to the environment when stored and used, and people can use it more willingly and cheaply.

(2) The environment mentioned here is not only the environment of the earth, but also the environment of the product, such as cleaning the room or tableware. All leaks or spills of water hydraulics will simply evaporate without leaving a sticky, greasy, dirty, slippery residue. As much as 85% of all hydraulic fluids end up in their systems through slow leaks, catastrophic line breaks or failed fittings and seals.
(3) The cost of using water as a working medium in hydraulic machinery is much lower than that of mineral oil. Therefore it will be very effective for long-term use of water instead of oil in hydraulic machinery.
(4) Water is not depleting resource because water can be recycled naturally. The brine hydraulic component is present.

(5) Tap water is hygienic in industrialized countries. This means that there will be negligible product contamination in the event of a spill. Product compatibility, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, water hydraulics offers the advantage of being difficult to replace. . This is important to provide that the system is maintained and well-uncontaminated with bacteria that can be spread to the surroundings by hydraulic systems. Aerodynamics, which offer a possible option but require oiling mist lubricants, have high energy consumption, lower power density . However, care needs to be taken if water hydraulics are used in sensitive areas or near sensitive machinery where variable leakage is not tolerated.

(6) Water is not flammable, and it is difficult to form a fire hazard
(7) The use of water in the production line means that workers do not breathe in harmful oil vapors or suffer skin and eye exposure to the vapors.
(8) Reduce insurance costs due to non-flammable and non-toxic
(9) The thermal conductivity of water is 4-5 times that of mineral oil, which means that the water system requires less or no coolant, which further saves money.
The above are the advantages of the water valve shared with you today, get up and spare now~


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