Advantages of doors Imported valves have advantages over domestic valves

1. Different process

To a certain extent, the imported valve products are indeed slightly better than the domestic ones.

The management concept of foreign valve industry is also very different from ours. They pursue quality rather than quantity. After some of our industry leaders and experts visited foreign countries, they found that the quality and management of foreign valve products are indeed impeccable, and their processing equipment It is first-class, the level of research and development is first-class, and the products made by good materials and good equipment must also be first-class. This has created the high quality of foreign valve products.

It is understood that the advantages of foreign valves are mainly that their processing technology is different from ours, thus forming the excellent quality of their own products. For example, in order to meet the radiation resistance requirements of the sealing material of nuclear-grade valves, in the welding process, the German KSB company has widely used special welding powder for cobalt-free welding, by sintering the welding powder and post-weld heat treatment. The valve products are designed according to the requirements of the working conditions, and the high temperature and high pressure gate valve mostly adopts the parallel double gate structure.

Case Analysis

French Weiland Valve Company completes pre-welding, automatic welding and post-welding treatment in the same equipment or on the same processing line. No matter pre-welding, welding and post-welding treatment, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure welding quality, It simplifies the welding process and improves the welding efficiency, especially for relatively complex welding seams (such as automatic welding by connecting straight lines and curves), and automatic welding is realized.

2. Complete control means

The first-class quality of foreign valves is also closely related to their strengthening of quality management and equipment management. It is understood that the quality of foreign valve products generally meets the requirements of API, JIS, BS and other standards, and the inherent quality and precision of casting blanks are also high. High, their blanks can be processed by special-purpose machines without refurbishment, with beautiful appearance, clear trademark writing, good sealing performance, and many varieties and specifications of packing and gaskets, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

The performance parameters of the automatic control valve are stable, which fully guarantees no leakage during use and accurate adjustment accuracy. The service life of general valves can reach 1~2 maintenance periods, or even longer.

Because foreign valve companies have complete and advanced quality control methods, complete hot and cold state experiments, advanced coordinate measuring instruments, and strict inspection of various flaw detection equipment to ensure that the quality of each link is in place, and each part is in any process. It is clear at a glance, the records are very detailed, the responsibilities are clear, and the surface quality is also good, including forging quality, surface grinding, and welding seam quality, almost eliminating bumps and scratches, thus ensuring the excellent performance of foreign valve products.

Case Analysis

For example, in 2005, the French Bernard Electric Device Company had sales of 300 million yuan, and exports accounted for 70% of the sales. It has established a global sales network. my country’s metallurgical and oil and gas pipelines use the company’s electrical products. In the field of nuclear power, their supply ranks second in the world.

It is said that my country’s Qinshan Phase II, Dayawan, and Tianwan nuclear power plants also supply 80% of the nuclear equipment. Their management is in place. The company’s parts processing records are circulated with the parts. The production site is neat and tidy. The pipeline is working in order. Their screw processing adopts rolling method, which has high efficiency, high surface finish of parts, timely cleaning of processed parts, and proper application of station equipment, such as putting a plastic bag on each shaft, which is very simple but very practical. Avoid collision and scratches between parts. The coating method of the parts is similar to that in China, but due to the smoothness of the blank itself and the excellent quality of the paint, the appearance and quality of the products after painting are quite good.

3. Advanced process

Almost all product parts are completed on CNC equipment, and the processing accuracy and processing efficiency are also very high. On the console of the CNC machining equipment, employees can read the part processing drawing and part processing program. They only need to clamp the workpiece to the CNC equipment according to the requirements of the processing technology and start the processing program, and then the turning, drilling, milling and boring can be automatically completed. and other processing procedures. When the processing program of one piece of equipment is started, another piece of equipment can be clamped. At the same time, the processing status of other equipment can be monitored on the equipment operation screen until the whole part is processed and sent to the assembly workshop after passing the inspection.

After the processing of each part is completed, the employee will swipe the part tracking card on the card reader near him, and feed back the status and processing information of the part to the relevant departments, so that the relevant departments can grasp the processing progress and count the workload and quality of the workers. track. And there are very advanced and perfect testing equipment, which can carry out high-precision three-dimensional size testing, as well as dynamic balance test, high and low temperature test. Their warehouse management is very advanced, and implements three-dimensional computer management. The warehouse management personnel only need to input the production order and quantity into the computer, and the system will automatically take out the required parts from the shelves, and then classify and package them and send them to the assembly workshop. In this way, the products processed according to the process procedures will definitely meet the quality standards.

Foreign valve products have high cleanliness and good handling. Each process strictly implements standards, including workshop civilized production and environmental sanitation. Dust-proof, rust-proof, burrs in all aspects of product parts, flash cleaning, grinding, cleaning, as well as cleaning and drying before assembly are all done in place without leaving any traces. The employees are also dedicated and conscientious.

Case Analysis

It is understood that the characteristics of the production process of the Italian New Billon company are: after receiving the order, it is transformed by the design and development center, providing product design drawings, outsourcing details, machining procedures and other technical documents, and transmitting them to relevant departments through the internal network. , the production department organizes production according to technical requirements and sales orders.

After the blank parts enter the factory, the warehouse management personnel will send the blanks and other parts to various processing and assembly sites according to the production plan. They do not produce all of them themselves, but also purchase many of them.


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