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A comprehensive overview of several major cast steel flat gate valves


Cast steel flat gate valve overview:

The cast steel flat gate valve produced by Yongjia Quanli Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a sliding valve whose closing part is a parallel gate. The closing part can be a single gate or a double gate with a spreading mechanism in between.

The pressing force of the gate to the valve seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or floating valve seat. If it is a double gate flat gate valve, the opening mechanism between the two gates can supplement this pressing force.

Classification: The flat gate valve can be divided into manual flat gate valve, pneumatic flat gate valve and electric flat gate valve according to the driving method.According to the purpose and use occasion, it can be divided into flat gate valve with diversion hole, flat gate valve without diversion hole, oil field flat gate valve, pipeline flat gate valve and gas flat gate valve, etc.

This series of products adopts a new type of floating sealing structure, which is suitable for oil, natural gas and other pipelines with a pressure of not more than 15.0MPa and a temperature of -29 to 121 °C. Appropriate, strict testing, easy to operate, with strong anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, erosion-resistant properties, is an ideal new equipment in the petroleum industry.

Six working principles of cast steel flat gate valve:
(1) Adopt floating valve seat, two-way opening and closing, reliable sealing and flexible opening and closing.

(2) The ram has guide strips for precise guidance, and the sealing surface is spray-welded with cemented carbide, which is resistant to erosion.

(3) The bearing capacity of the valve body is high, and the channel is a straight-through type. When fully open, it is connected with the gate guide hole and is similar to a straight pipe, and the flow resistance is very small. The valve stem adopts composite packing and multiple seals, making the seal reliable and low friction.

(4) When the valve is closed, turn the handwheel clockwise, and the gate moves down to the bottom. Due to the action of the medium pressure, the sealing seat at the inlet end is pushed toward the gate, forming a larger sealing specific pressure, thus forming the first gate. seal. At the same time, the gate is pressed against the sealing seat at the outlet end to form a double seal.

(5) Due to the double seal, the wearing parts can be replaced without affecting the pipeline operation. This is an important feature that our products have priority over similar products at home and abroad.

(6) When opening the gate, rotate the handwheel counterclockwise, the gate moves, and the diversion hole is connected with the passage hole. As the gate rises, the through hole gradually increases, and when it reaches the limit position, the diversion hole coincides with the passage hole, and it is fully opened at this time.

Cast Steel Flat Gate ValveSix selection principles:

(1) For oil and natural gas transmission pipelines, choose a flat gate valve with a single gate or a double gate. If it is necessary to clean the pipeline, choose a single gate or double gate open-rod flat gate valve with diversion holes.

(2) For the transportation pipeline and storage equipment of the refined oil, the flat gate valve with single gate or double gate without diversion hole shall be selected.

(3) For oil and natural gas exploitation wellhead devices, single gate or double gate flat gate valve with concealed stem floating seat and diversion hole is selected, most of which are API16A standard, and the pressure level is API2000, API3000, API5000, API10000, API15000 , API20000.

(4) For pipelines with suspended particle medium, use knife-type flat gate valve.

(5) For the urban gas transmission pipeline, use single gate or double gate soft-sealed rising stem flat gate valve.

(6) For urban tap water projects, single gate or double gate open-rod flat gate valve without diversion hole is selected.

Flat gate valve is suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipelines, gas pipelines and other transportation pipelines, venting systems and steam storage devices, and flat gate valves are used as opening and closing equipment. Z43 type single gate flat gate valve with diversion hole is suitable for long-distance pipelines of natural gas exploitation and purification.

Cast Steel Flat Gate ValveThe ten structural characteristics of:

(1) Yoke Sleeves – Aluminum bronze yoke sleeves feature needle thrust bearings to minimize operating torque.

(2) Stem – Thread Length to Bracket; Pin and Spot Weld; Stable.

(3) Pressure Seal – Simple construction with segmented retaining ring and silver plated mild steel gasket to facilitate disassembly and achieve a good bonnet seal.

(4) Seat Rings – Welded seat rings are perpendicular to the flow passage for easy maintenance.

(5) Actuators – These valves can be configured with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Below DN300 is equipped with standard manual handwheel, and above DN350 is equipped with helical gear operating mechanism.

(6) Yokes – Fully fabricated yokes are shock tested for ease of maintenance and actuator installation.

(7) Gland – Two-piece, self-adjusting gland to avoid ejection.

(8) Integral Back Seat – Hard-faced for longer life.

(9) Disc – The spring-loaded disc is self-adjusting, reducing the torque requirements of the actuator.

(10) Integral Detent – ​​Integral cast bracket detent to position the assembled bracket disc for a more stable and reliable seat.

Cast Steel Flat Gate ValveDesign and Manufacturing Standards:

●Design and manufacture: JB/T5298 API6D

●Flange size: JB/T79 ANSIB16.5 MSS SP44

●Pressure temperature: ANSIB 16.34

●Structure length: JB/T5298 ANSIB16.10

●Butt welding connection size: GB/T12224 ANSIB16.25

●Inspection and test: JB/T9092 API6D

Note: ★ is the reference torque of bevel gear, electric and pneumatic devices, the unit is NM.

Design and Manufacturing Standards:

●Design and manufacture: JB/T5298 API6D

●Flange size: JB/T79 ANSIB16.5 MSS SP44

●Pressure temperature: ANSIB16.34

●Structure length: JB/T5298 ANSIB16.10

●Butt welding connection length: GB/T12224 ANSIB16.25

●Inspection and test: JB/T9092 API6D


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