4 Key Benefits of High Temperature Steam Traps

Compared with ordinary steam traps, high temperature steam traps have the following four advantages:

Key benefits of high temperature steam traps:

1. Control the fluid velocity to about 30m/S to prevent cavitation damage, and the fluid channel is labyrinth, constantly changing the fluid direction; the allowable pressure difference is 25MPa.

2. The throttling surface is separated from the sealing surface, and different throttling elements are provided according to the hydrophobic flow rate. The surface of the components in the valve is hardened, and the hardness can reach HRC70, which is tightly closed and has a long service life.

3. The valve body assembly adopts self-internal pressure sealing structure, the greater the pressure difference, the better the sealing performance.

4. The valve body assembly and the actuator adopt a floating connection, which can eliminate the jamming phenomenon caused by the misalignment of the valve core and the push rod.
High Temperature Steam TrapsIt can be operated manually. The high temperature steam trap is a labyrinth and cascaded high pressure differential regulating valve.Pneumatic or electric steam trap model is STR,The valve is suitable for the drain system of the main steam and reheat steam pipelines of the thermal power plant, and controls the high pressure drop saturated water. The high temperature steam trap can be controlled by pneumatic or electric control, and the manual trap model is MTR.


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